Master Maker


Some kind of special award needs to go to Jeri Ellsworth for versatility alone. I thinks she started out by building race cars, then got into PC repair and construction. She wowed people with her innovations in game hardware, but I like her best for her explorations of lo-fi electronics, particularly her experiments in a DIY components, such as transistors and capacitors. These Flickr photos might give you some idea of what she’s up to. I think my admiration for her is as much for her skills as an educator and an inspirational figure. She certainly wants to make me play with relays and make my own capacitors. 


The Pantheon


Perhaps it’s wrong to elevate certain makers above others. It runs counter to my quote about making Druids. That is, you don’t make Druids by naming  A Druid-of-the-Year. But I do want to remember some outstanding accomplishments. One of the first people that vomes to mind was Xiaoji Chen, who’s mostly been unrecognized and works for MS, so her accomplishments are mostly invisible now. I even forgot what her name was the other day, so I decided that I better start listing some of these people (like Jerri Ellsworth. I’m always forgetting Jerri Ellsworth’s name). So here’s Xiaoji Chen’s page on computer linkages. A physical device to duplicate functions of logic gates.