Just Sketching


LeicesterSquareSketchI won’t spend anytime apologizing for this sketch. I took a wonderful workshop yesterday with Adebanji Alade, who is a wonderful evangelist for drawing every day. I’m more sure that when I’m sketching, that I know that it’s just sketching. Sketching shows your problems as well as your practice and your skills, and perhaps that is what makes sketching so powerful.

The above sketch represents the first of many everyday sketches, I hope.

In thinking about Cogtoys, I know that sketching is a powerful tool to connect concepts to reality. I hope to continue to draw landscapes and objects and figures and gestures. At this point, I can only get better. So I will continue to sketch and, I hope, to share the sketches. 


Upcoming Workshop



Booking workshops is not easy, so it helps to have someone rooting for you. Many thanks to Laura at the Abbey Community Centre for supporting the cause. 

I must say I enjoyed making my robotic Matisse with Inkscape.